Be part of the NBDB affiliate and avail several incentives exclusively for the NBDB registered enterprises and individuals!
The NBDB Registration process is now online and free until December 31, 2021.


Why Should You Register?


You’ll Get Exclusive Access:

  • Tax-and-Duty-Free Importation of Books or Raw Materials to be used in Book Publishing (TADFI or EO 226)
  • Access to the NBDB’s official publication Bookwatch and Readership Survey
  • Access to NBDB surveys, research materials, and books
  • Assistance in publishing and copyright concerns
  • Publication in the NBDB Online Registry

You’ll Be Top Priority:

  • Priority as a supplier for goods and services in NBDB procurement calls
  • Priority invitation to NBDB-initiated workshops, seminar, and fairs
  • Priority for Grants

You’ll Get Invited to NBDB Special Events:

  • Partnership with NBDB events and summits
  • Sponsorship or collaborations to both local and international seminars, books, and right forms
  • Participation in milestone activities and reading campaigns
  • Participation in the National Book Awards & National Children’s Book Awards


Who Can Register?


Sole Proprietorship, Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Stock/Non-Profit Organizations, Public/Private Academic Institutions, Government Agencies Individuals

  • Book Publisher (Print and/or Digital)
  • Book Exporter
    • Commercial
    • Non-Commercial
  • Book Importer
    • Commercial
    • Non-Commercial
  • Book Seller
    • Retail
    • Reseller
    • Wholesale
  • Book Printer
  • Book Industry Association
  • Manufacturer of Raw Materials used in Book Publishing
  • Author/Writer
  • Designer
  • Editor
  • Educational Technologist
  • Illustrator
  • Instructional Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Librarian
  • Literary Agent
  • Literature Educator
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Translator


What Documents Are Needed?


Requirements Enterprises
Sole Proprietorship Corporation / Partnership / Private Academic Institutions Non-Stock/Non-Profit Organization Public Academic Institutions / Government Agencies
Duly accomplished Online Registration Form
DTI Certificate of Registration      
Articles of Incorporation & SEC Certificate of Registration    
Republic Act / Executive Order that created the agency/ office/ institution      
BIR Form 2303
Business Permit (Current Year)  
ITR (for previous year, received by BIR) and Financial/Revenue Statement  
List of Officers (Indicate the length of term)      
List of Members (Indicate the contact details)      
List of Personnel    
List of Clients/Buyers    
List of Suppliers    
List of Equipment  
List of Books Published/ Imported/ Printed/ Sold in Previous Year
Company Profile  
Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate: Authorizing Representative/Signatory    


Requirements Individuals
Author/Writer, Designer, Editor, Educational Technologist, Illustrator, Instructional Designer, Layout Artist, Librarian, Literature Educator, Publishing Specialist, Subject Matter Expert, Translator Literary Agent
Duly accomplished Online Registration Form
Curriculum Vitae
Valid ID / 2×2 Photo
Book cover and copyright page of published books, or Excerpt of unpublished work, or Certification from the Publisher (acknowledging that you have rendered your service to them as the category/ies you are registering)  
Bio note  
List of Companies/Authors you are managing and Certification from these Companies/Authors