The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center was founded in 2013 and features the vast personal collection of the President of Rex Group of Companies—Atty. Dominador Buhain. As a traveler, Atty. Buhain has collected items from over 200 countries and islands he has visited. The logo of the museum reflects the lifestyle of Atty. Buhain as a wanderer who chooses to share his journey through his priceless collection. From books to artifacts, the Book cum Ethnology Center houses a combination of local and international collectibles which highlights the culture of a city or a country.

As one of the stops in the Pinoy Book Stop Tour on April 7, 2017, we interviewed Sherleen Bautista of the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center to share with us what the museum has to offer. 


What’s the inspiration behind the creation of the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center?

 Atty. Buhain (the owner) was inspired by all of the places he has been to as well as the people he had met along the way. He really loves to travel and collect items, but he opened the museum because he wanted to make all of his experiences accessible to others through books and artifacts.


What’s your favorite section or piece in the museum?

The Art section would be my favorite in the Book Museum. Art books are fairly expensive, so I’m thankful to have so many of them in one place.


What’s the most remarkable experience you’ve ever dealt with since working here?

Definitely all of the tours I’ve given. Each tour, I get to share what I know, but also learn new things from my guests. It’s very validating to have guests say that they learned a lot from me and enjoyed my company.


If you were given more space, what would you add?

We’re actually in the middle of expansion right now! But I’m not sure of what Atty. is planning to put in the new building yet. If it was up to me, I’d either make an exhibit area with a display that would be changed twice or thrice a year or a world heritage museum.


How can we reach out to you if we want to take a tour at the museum?

You can reach us via Facebook, email, and landline.



Landline: 570-4449


The Pinoy Book Stop Tour is an NBDB-spearheaded project that aims to feature independent and campus-based bookstores, libraries, and book museums within and south of Metro Manila and showcase excellent books by Filipino authors and publishers. The tour will be conducted on April 7-8, 2017, in celebration of Buwan ng Panitikan (National Literature Month).